How to Send a Fax – a Tutorial

by FaxAuthority

There are quite a few ways that a person or a busines can send a fax from a computer. In this article, we will give a high level explination of the process, as there are many details invovled with each piece of software and hardware.This article will give information on how to send a fax from a computer. There are a number of different ways to answer this question, and we will try to go over all of them. Faxing will be much easier if you have all relevant equipment such as hardware and software ready before you start the process. Read through this entire article before faxing. Sending a Fax

The details in this article include both an online fax service as well as using your fax modem. Each of these has its down advantages.

Software and hardware requirements to send a fax from a computer:
A document that is prepared and ready to be faxed (include the cover sheet)
A fax number to have the documents sent to
A computer equipped with a modem or fax board. Alternatively, you can have a subscription to an online fax service

Software and hardware requirements to send you fax from a computer

You’ll need any area code information as well as fax numbers to be able to send your fax document. The fax machine on the receiving end should be prepared to receive a fax. An internet fax provider should already be chosen, or as an alternative you can have a fax modem and phone line installed and operational. The process of sending a fax from your computer will be much simpler if you have all of these features in place beforehand.

Prepare the document to be faxed

Every time you send a fax, you will be required to have a new cover sheet. Cover pages are a single page document that has details such as who the fax is addressed to, who it is from, as well as relevant fax numbers and the total number of pages. You can make sure that you make the font big and easy to understand. It will make it so that it is easier to see the wording on the receiving end of the transmission.

Enter the Fax Number into the Fax Machine

It’s important to have the right code to dial out of you switchboard. You’ll also need to have the right fax number and area code. Include your cover sheet and any attachments. Ensure that the document is in the document feeder pointing the right way. As soon as you press the send button, you will find that your computer dials the line and sends the fax, and that you’ll be transmitting the document through your system and to your receiving fax machine. When the function is finished, you will usually receive a confirmation page.

Some Points to Consider

Here are some things to keep in mind that you should consider when sending a fax to a business’s or person’s fax machine

A fax machine on the other end that is not plugged in or out of paper and toner likely will not receive the fax.

Long distance charges apply to sending a fax overseas or long distance.

A phone line is need to use your fax modem. You cannot connect through to the internet through it. Your modem cannot access the internet through the internet connection, it requires a direct phone line to connect.

If you are sending a printed document through the computer, you will need to scan it into the computer beforehand to ensure that it is properly saved.

When facing any issues while faxing with your computer, the best way to resolve them is to start with your equipment’s manual, or look for online support forums from your manufacturer.

Faxing with a computer is a quick and easy way of replacing a fax machine, and in many circumstances will help you save both time and money with your documents.