Prince often interviewed by fax

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Following Prince’s recent death, some media outlets are showcasing former interviews with the star – many of which happened over fax (allegedly at Prince’s insistence).

Danny Kelly (former editor of Q) reveals in the Guardian under “Prince: memories of U” reveals how he would send lengthy faxes to the artist’s studio requesting an interview and many reasons for it, only to have them mostly unacknowledged. After two and a half years of constant faxing and no message, eventually a reply came over the fax saying “Monte Carlo, this week”.

In some interviews, such as a 2001 interview with a newspaper in Omaha, saw Prince replying over fax with shorthand such as “What u R is what u C when listening 2 it”.

Another interview saw many answers to a fax interview being the same length as the questions being asked – only a sentence or two.

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