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Bureau of Consumer and Governmental Affairs (FCC) seeking comment on opt-out notices on fax advertising

The FCC has received a number of petitions for waivers on opt-out notices in fax advertising, specifically in areas where the sender believes prior permission exists. To quote the FCC’s summary, Specifically, the Petitioners seek retroactive waivers of the opt-out notice requirement for fax ads they sent where prior express invitation or permission had allegedly been … Continue reading “Bureau of Consumer and Governmental Affairs (FCC) seeking comment on opt-out notices on fax advertising”

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Winnipeg the latest scene of improperly sent medical records

In the latest case of medical records being faxed to the wrong location, today’s news is that a Winnipeg woman’s fax machine has been receiving medical records for the past year. As is typical of situations like these, faxes arriving at the woman’s fax machine about a year ago. After a number of calls to … Continue reading “Winnipeg the latest scene of improperly sent medical records”

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Is it possible to email a PDF attachment to a fax machine?

Question: I have a PDF document on my computer. Can I email it so that it is answered by a fax machine? (from a corporate user in the health industry in the United States) Answer: The quick answer is, no, there is no way to directly email a PDF attachment from a “regular” email address to … Continue reading “Is it possible to email a PDF attachment to a fax machine?”

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Seventh Circuit rules on junk fax case about 3rd party senders

In a case on junk faxes, the seventh circuit court recently ruled that a company that hired a company to send faxes on their behalf was not liable for violating junk fax rules for a mass fax broadcast larger than they ordered.

The client ordered 100 faxes to be sent within a 20 mile radius of Terre Haute, Indiana – instead, the fax broadcast company sent more than 5,000 junk faxes across a three state area – blanketing Indiana, Illionois, and Ohio with the company’s fax advertisement.

The company was found guilty of junk fax rules and had to pay $16,000 to 32 recipients ($500 each) within the 20 mile radius.

The seventh circuit ruling was about the remainder of the claimants in the lawsuit – those outside the 20 mile radius that the company had requested faxes to be sent to.

According to the seventh circuit ruling (which upheld the district court’s ruling), the company was not liable for these additional faxes as it was outside of the original order that they made – and sent without their authorization.

Sources and more information:

TCPA Vicarious Liability Analysis Applies to Junk Fax Provisions, Seventh Circuit Holds by David M Krueger

Seventh Circuit: Defendant Not Liable for Faxes Sent Outside of Agreed-Upon Range by Christine M. Reilly and Marc Roth

Seventh Circuit Affirms District Court Ruling That TCPA Fax Regulations Are Not Strict Liability by Justin O. Kay and Emily T. Broach

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Prince often interviewed by fax

Following Prince’s recent death, some media outlets are showcasing former interviews with the star – many of which happened over fax (allegedly at Prince’s insistence).

Danny Kelly (former editor of Q) reveals in the Guardian under “Prince: memories of U” reveals how he would send lengthy faxes to the artist’s studio requesting an interview and many reasons for it, only to have them mostly unacknowledged. After two and a half years of constant faxing and no message, eventually a reply came over the fax saying “Monte Carlo, this week”.

In some interviews, such as a 2001 interview with a newspaper in Omaha, saw Prince replying over fax with shorthand such as “What u R is what u C when listening 2 it”.

Another interview saw many answers to a fax interview being the same length as the questions being asked – only a sentence or two.

Sources and more information:

The GuardianPrince: memories of U

Omaha Go – 2001 Q&A: In a rare interview – conducted via fax and e-mail – Prince talks about music and other unanswered questions

Vancouver Sun – That time our music reporter interviewed Prince by fax by Stuart Derdeyn

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Could a fax get you the lineup for a summer music festival?

The Hard Summer Music Festival is going back to before the internet for this year’s theme.

Reddit users have been trying to hack the website to reveal the lineup, however have had no luck.

Right now the website only shows a login form, however it’s been reported that calling the festival will only get you a lead that there is a form that can be signed up for to receive a fax about the festival.

More from:

Tech.micYou Need to Hack Hard Summer Music Festival’s Website to See the Lineup by Clinton Nguyen

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Need to get a hold of Christopher Walken? Fax could be the best way

Adding Christopher Walken to the list of people who don’t carry a cell phone or have a computer.

In a recent interview with the Guardian’s Emma Brockes, he revealed that people needing to get a hold of him can call his landline phone. Alternatively, he also has a fax machine.

More from:

The GuardianChristopher Walken: ‘I don’t need to be made to look evil’ by Emma Brockes

Digital SpyChristopher Walken doesn’t have a computer or mobile phone by Tasha Hegarty

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St. Louis judge asked to approve $1.6 million ‘junk fax’ class action settlement


A dental practice that led a class action lawsuit after receiving a slew of junk and spam faxes from a dental supplier has filed to settle the lawsuit for $1.6 million.

Claimants without a business relationship to the dental supplier and who did not approve of receiving the faxes will receive $180 per fax, far lower than the TCPA fine of $1,500 per fax.

More from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch with $1.6 million settlement proposed in ‘junk’ fax suit in St. Louis federal court by Robert Patrick

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Could fax be the smoking gun for voter fraud in a Sydney subrub?

The deputy mayor of Auburn (a suburb of Sydney, Australia) is under investigation for voter fraud after a stream of voter registration faxes arrived from the same fax number.

According to local police, 37 faxes for voter registration were submitted, many with similar handwriting and signatures that did not match existing records. 57 online enrollments were also made from computers at a company run by the deputy mayor.

More from:

The Daily Telegraph – Salim Mehajer probe: Fax marathon of 57 voter enrolment forms is smoking gun, prosecutors say by Brenden Hills

Daily Mail – ‘Stream of voter forms faxed from the SAME fax number sparked electoral fraud probe’ against controversial Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer by Jenny Awford

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50% of large global companies still communicate with suppliers through phone, email, and fax

As reported in Computer Weekly, 50% of large global companies still communicate with their suppliers through phone, email, and fax.

While 95% of respondents expect processes to be more automated in the next 5 years, there is still a heavy use of traditional communication methods for the mean time.

Read more at Computer Weekly – Large global companies still manage supply chain with phone, fax and email by Brian McKenna

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Could a hacker be fined under junk fax law for printer trolling?

The Junk Fax Protection Act of 2005 imposes a penalty of $500 per fax for advertisements to a fax machine without an established business relationship.

A hacker’s mass printer trolling (causing many printers to print material) may have crossed the line where it can be considered advertising, as it contained information to direct the fax’s recipients to a website URL.

More from Forbes with Hacker Weev Could Face Punishment For ‘Mass Printer Trolling’ Under Junk Fax Law by Abigail Tracy


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Nova Scotia spa has been receiving mental health records for over a decade

For the last decade, a spa in Bedford, Nova Scotia has been receiving faxes destined for the local mental health centre.

The spa’s fax number is one number off from the number intended to be dialed.

Despite numerous memos from the local health authority, the spa receives on average about one mental health fax each month.

More from CBC News with “Mental health records sent to Nova Scotia spa in error over last decade” by Yvonne Colbert

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Along with Armani suits, Hamptons weekend attire, and the cellphone fax was part of CNN Money’s anatomy of the 1980s high tech businessman

Remember those quotrons and giant cell phones of the 1980s?

Fax was part of that “high tech” feel that was happening at the time.

CNN Money – Anatomy of a high-tech 1980s businessman

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Class action lawsuit against health care firm for fax data breach

As reported by HealthIT Security, a class action lawsuit has been filed against Quest Diagnostics.

The lawsuit alleges that for more than a year personal medical records intended for a laboratory were instead being sent by Quest to a Brooklyn-based marketing firm.

More on this story:

Business Wire – Class action lawsuit press release

NBC New York – I-Team – Hundreds of Personal Medical Records Intended for Lab Sent to Brooklyn Marketing Firm in Error

HealthIT Security – Faxing error leads to Healthcare Data Breach, Lawsuit

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National Law Review reporting that the FCC’s clarification of “solicited” fax rules already under siege

A few after the FCC released a “clarification” order of opt-out notices being required on advertising faxes even for pre-existing business relationships, the National Law Review is reporting that “Three petitioners have already filed petitions for review appealing the FCC’s order and specifically questioned the FCC’s authority to require opt-out noticed on solicited fax ads…”

More from:

National Law Review – The FCC’s Clarification of its Blast Fax Rules to “Solicited” Fax Ads under Siege

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Check your Preprogrammed Area Code 919 (North Carolina – Durham and Surrounding Areas)

Eastern Wake News is reporting that 2 years after the introduction to 10 digit dialing, there still about 100 dispatches by 911 operators from hang-up calls.

Calling 911 and hanging up often results in an officer being dispatched to the phone number’s listed address.

While many calls have been attributed to people dialing the 919 area code and accidentally hitting the “1” twice, there are apparently a large number of fax machine calls.

If you have any area code 919 and North Carolina fax numbers programmed into your fax, now would be a good time to double check that they’re entered correctly.

More from Eastern Wake News – 911 hang ups a continued problem

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Court rules company liable for fax spam sent on their behalf

A federal appeals court has recently ruled that a dentist’s office that hired a company to send fax advertisement on their behalf is in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

More from:

Legal Newsline – Court: Dentist’s office violated TCPA with one-page fax to Palm Beach Golf Center

Mayer Brown – Eleventh Circuit adopts broad view of businesses’ potential liability under TCPA for faxes sent by third parties

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Latest fax scam involves fake DOT asking for procurements

WIBW reports that there is currently a fax scam going around where a business receives an unsolicited procurement request from the Department of Transportation (DOT) that either includes a request for financial information (such as banking information) or a request for the same information is sent when the fax is replied to.

Quoting WIBW, DOT will only request financial information once there is a specific contract in place.

As with previous fax scams we’ve observed, once the scam is announced publicly, the scam can often change to come from other government departments or companies.

The DOT has posted a copy of a fradulent letter at http://www.dot.gov/sites/dot.dev/files/docs/Fraud_High_Desert_12042013.pdf

If you suspect you have received a letter, contact your bank (if your financial information has been compromised) as well as the DOT

From – US DOT Fradulent Letter Warning via WIBW at USDOT Warns of Fax Scam


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Firefighters in Detroit rigging fax machine rube goldberg machines

The fax arrives – It hits a door hinge – A wire gets tugged – A doorbell goes off – there must be a fire!

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that local firehouses have improvised alarm systems by having incoming faxes with alerts about fires knock over pop cans or ring doorbells.

More from the Detroit Free Press at Detroit fire department has alert system made of pop cans, doorbells

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$16M fax voilation lawsuit resolvedby the FCC

Hot on the heels of an update to anti-fax spam rules, it was announced that the FCC has resolved a $16 million (and potentially as large as $48 million) lawsuit against a small Minnesota publishing company (Mariposa Publishing) as well as several other companies.

The lawsuit originated from a complaint in regards to fax advertising, which the FCC found that the rule on unsolicited faxes “caused confusion and misplaced confidence” about the language that should be included when sending a fax advertisement when permission had already been granted.

More on this store from:

Star Tribune – FCC resolves $16M lawsuit over fax violation

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FCC confirming opt-out notice requirements to all fax advertisements

With the intention of eliminating any confusion around opt-out requirements in fax advertising, the FCC has recently released requirements for fax advertising.

Things to take note of:

– Opt outs need to be clear and on the first page of the ad

– A contact phone and fax number must be included in the opt out

– The rules include pre-existing business relationships

See more on the FCC’s official opt-out notice requirements:

FCC – FCC confirms opt out notice requirements on all fax advertisements

FCC – Order – Fax Opt-Out Requirements

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IRS Warning on Fax & Email Scams Directed at Tax Filers http://bit.ly/GXMKz8

City Council Member Faces State Ethics Charge Over E-Mails http://faxauthority.com/city-council-member-faces-state-ethics-charge-over-e-mails/

Windows XP Still the Dominant OS, Vista & 7 Support Extended to 2017 and 2020 http://bit.ly/GHhIek

27 Junk Faxes Could Cost $432,000 http://bit.ly/GE6haL

Vacation Season Brings Travel Scams http://bit.ly/GLcK3M

How to Send a Fax – a Tutorial

There are quite a few ways that a person or a busines can send a fax from a computer. In this article, we will give a high level explination of the process, as there are many details invovled with each piece of software and hardware.This article will give information on how to send a fax from a computer. There are a number of different ways to answer this question, and we will try to go over all of them. Faxing will be much easier if you have all relevant equipment such as hardware and software ready before you start the process. Read through this entire article before faxing. Sending a Fax

The details in this article include both an online fax service as well as using your fax modem. Each of these has its down advantages.

Software and hardware requirements to send a fax from a computer:
A document that is prepared and ready to be faxed (include the cover sheet)
A fax number to have the documents sent to
A computer equipped with a modem or fax board. Alternatively, you can have a subscription to an online fax service

Software and hardware requirements to send you fax from a computer

You’ll need any area code information as well as fax numbers to be able to send your fax document. The fax machine on the receiving end should be prepared to receive a fax. An internet fax provider should already be chosen, or as an alternative you can have a fax modem and phone line installed and operational. The process of sending a fax from your computer will be much simpler if you have all of these features in place beforehand.

Prepare the document to be faxed

Every time you send a fax, you will be required to have a new cover sheet. Cover pages are a single page document that has details such as who the fax is addressed to, who it is from, as well as relevant fax numbers and the total number of pages. You can make sure that you make the font big and easy to understand. It will make it so that it is easier to see the wording on the receiving end of the transmission.

Enter the Fax Number into the Fax Machine

It’s important to have the right code to dial out of you switchboard. You’ll also need to have the right fax number and area code. Include your cover sheet and any attachments. Ensure that the document is in the document feeder pointing the right way. As soon as you press the send button, you will find that your computer dials the line and sends the fax, and that you’ll be transmitting the document through your system and to your receiving fax machine. When the function is finished, you will usually receive a confirmation page.

Some Points to Consider

Here are some things to keep in mind that you should consider when sending a fax to a business’s or person’s fax machine

A fax machine on the other end that is not plugged in or out of paper and toner likely will not receive the fax.

Long distance charges apply to sending a fax overseas or long distance.

A phone line is need to use your fax modem. You cannot connect through to the internet through it. Your modem cannot access the internet through the internet connection, it requires a direct phone line to connect.

If you are sending a printed document through the computer, you will need to scan it into the computer beforehand to ensure that it is properly saved.

When facing any issues while faxing with your computer, the best way to resolve them is to start with your equipment’s manual, or look for online support forums from your manufacturer.

Faxing with a computer is a quick and easy way of replacing a fax machine, and in many circumstances will help you save both time and money with your documents.

Windows 7’s Secret Fax Machine

Windows 7 offers a number of enhancements in the world of faxing when compared with Windows Vista and Windows XP, so if you’ve been using your computer to double as a fax machine, there’s a number of bonuses with nothing lost in the upgrade. Windows 7 has become very popular with people who are looking for a faster, more stable computing experience. There are also a number of features that come with Windows 7 that are not offered in other products.Windows 7 Fax

One method of offering fax services to the main Windows 7 operating system is through Windows Fax and Scan. This program will allow you to run fax services through the main operating system. A great alternative to having to buy and manage a fax machine is Windows Fax and Scan. The program has very good integration with the rest of the computer, and turns the trouble of faxing into the ease of email.

The configuration for Windows Fax and Scan is quick and easy to do. You’ll need to do it after installing Windows 7. There are only a few settings that require a selection. Start up fax and scan, then set up your options. A fax modem is required to be on your computer. With today’s technology, you’re ok to fax if you can plug a phone line into your computer. The majority of today’s modem technology already has fax ability equipped.

Setting Up Windows 7 Faxing

Hardware is the most important thing to have in place. You will need to have all hardware in place before the system is able to run. Check the Device Manager and see if you have a fax modem installed in your computer. Once you are sure that you have it installed, you can now proceed to installing Fax and Scan.

Enter “FAX” into the start menu search bar. When the menu comes up, you can select “Windows Fax and Scan” (it will be on the left side of the menu). This step will allow you to launch the setup wizard that comes with the program. The prompts will lead you through the installation, and the next button will move you forward through the process. You will be able to properly install the service if you follow the steps involved in the installation. The wizard covers most necessary options. However, if you want to connect to a fax server, just click on the “CONNECT TO A FAX SERVER” under the My Network tab. You’ll have to find where the server is located. Take a look at the options and click on the next button to make your way through the system. When you have keyed in the server name, click the “done” button. A good resource for the installation is talking with your system administrator. They will usually have instructions on how to connect to the fax server on your network.

Windows 7 will let you receive a fax, however you’ll need to go to tools and then fax accounts to configure it. This will allow you to setup the fax program within the computer.

You can have your fax machine pick up and answer before your voicemail, or only manually answer. It’s a matter of personal choice for some people. The best option for a shared phone line is manual reception, however you have to be at the computer to receive a fax. If you have a dedicated fax line, then chances are you want to have automatic answering of the message.

You can also fax from Windows 7 with a system such as myfax or ringcentral. They are online fax service providers. You can also fax through your computer or through an online service. One great way to use less toner and paper in the office is to operate these online fax services. It’s a great cost saver, and can really cut down on your overall costs, as well as the costs of operating an online fax machine all the time. You get a service that is easy to use, as well as the convenience of using a dedicated fax line and a separate service.

How You Can Fax From Your Computer – A Simple Tutorial

There has been a shift in the world of technology for businesses to get rid of their fax machines. As it becomes more frequent that businesses want to move away from managing their technology and would prefer to have services managed for them, faxing is becoming one of those services that is being moved up to the cloud. The ability to send and receive faxes through the cloud is a very progressive method of communication.

The workplace is better managed with faxes coming through computers than through fax machines. It can be inconvenient for people to have to constantly return to their fax machine to see if a message has arrived for them. A computer makes a great alternative to a fax machine as it lets you take to the road and still be able to communicate with your fax. In many instances, it makes it much easier to manage your communications.

Every business has had the experience of missing a piece of paperwork. Far too frequently is a sales order or legal notice lost, resulting in costly incident or an unhappy customer. In these cases, it can make it very costly to business if these notices aren’t acknowledged or customer service requests aren’t fulfilled.

To send a fax from your computer you have two main options: use a kind of fax software or use one of the many Internet fax services available on the Web.
Software is a good option if you are just looking to replace your fax machine with a program on your computer. Your computer will need to have a fax modem on it. This means that it will be able to send and receive faxes through a phone line. These are fairly easy to put together, and can be a good quick solution.

Many people are now moving to the option of using an online fax service to send and receive faxes from their computer. This means that they use an online service and then that service helps them manage their faxes. It’s amazing what technology has done, as online based fax services have come along to make faxing much easier. They allow for faxing, voice communications, and more. If you’re constantly on the road, these can be a great way to keep in touch with the office.

Nextiva and MyFax are two popular services that let the user fax through their fax servers. You can have an account with them and they manage your fax services. It is easier overall to send and receive faxes from your computer as long as you have access to an internet connection. Even with your iPhone or Android phone you’ll be able to communicate with your faxes.

Most of the more popular online fax services will be able to transmit in formats such as DOC (Microsoft word) PDF (Adobe), XLS, and other formats. Some work environments, such as design or architecture, use different file formats to be able to send and receive faxes. Faxing can now be on the same level as email. Online fax services make it an easy process. Get faxes right to your computer directly to your email inbox. You can send and receive faxes with the same ease that you send and receive emails. You can have access to faxes anywhere you have access to the internet. You’ll be able to have access to fax information anywhere you have the internet.How to Fax From a Computer

Most online fax services have free trials available. You can use most services for 30 days to send and receive faxes as if you were a regular customer. The market standard for trials with online fax services is 30 days. It’s good to be cautious of hidden overage charges and set up charges. These can creep up on you, and frequently happen with low cost providers.

If you are interested in sending a fax from your computer I’d recommend you to do a little research online and find sites that review the best faxing services.

Wells Fargo Wires Scammer $2.1 Million (or, why you should never post signatures on a website) http://bit.ly/yN6M84

Don’t be “That Person” http://ping.fm/IsCT7

Fax Security – Website to Unsubscribe from Is Really an Attack Website http://bit.ly/yZBp2M

RingCentral looking for a Sales Account Executive in its Denver Tech Center http://bit.ly/zzgiMY

Install Windows Xp Built-in Fax Service

Have you ever thought of using your Windows XP computer as a fax machine? What if you didn’t even have to purchase any software to make the program work? If you’ve installed a fax board or a modem on your computer (or have a way to attach a phone line) then you’ll be able to use Windows XP as a fax machine. As the service isn’t installed by default, you’ll need to make sure it’s properly set up.

It’s a great way for people with home offices to save, especially when they work for companies that have been reluctant to let go of fax machines. At least, Faxing with the computer allows you to send the Fax to a printer and eliminates one more ancient office machine.

Have you ever pulled a fax out of a machine and it’s completely tattered? What’s the most irritating piece of technology in the office? Your fax machine. Ask a person who’s had a problem with a fax, and they’ll probably tell you what a nightmare hardcopy faxing can be. It’s amazing to think that people still use hardcopy fax machines.Windows XP Fax

To install Windows XP’s built in fax software, first click “start”. Next, select “add/remove programs”. Then choose “add/remove windows components”.

When the window opens, scroll through and make sure the Fax Services box is checked. Click ‘Next’ and follow the prompts. You will be asked to insert your Windows XP CD. Click ‘Finish’ when the Wizard is done.

The configuration for the program can be found by selecting the following choices: Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Communications –> Fax –> Fax Console.

The fax configuration wizard will now start. When it is running, follow the steps and put any relevant information that you have available into the program. You’ll have to choose which modem to use (usually the first one that is hilighted), As well you’ll need to pick if you want your computer to be able to have the ability to send or receive faxes.

Enter the TSID information: Info that appears as a header when you send a Fax and the CSID information that is displayed on the sending fax machine. (The TSID and CSID usually consist of a fax number and business name.)

Another option to configure is whether you want the fax machine to automatically or manually answer the phone line. Automatically answering will mean that when the phone line rings, the fax will automatically answer the phone and try to receive a fax. Manually means that when the phone line rings, you will have to be at your computer and press a button in order for the fax part of the Windows XP fax to pick up and answers the line.

Done! Now you can send and/or receive faxes! If you want to of course. You can manage your Faxes by clicking ‘Start’, Accessories’, ‘Communications’, ‘Fax’.

J2 Global Acquires Australia’s Zintel Communications http://bit.ly/yR8lpG

Xerox and McAfee Partner on Printer, Fax, and MFP Security http://bit.ly/xdvPPa

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Online Facsimile: Benefits and Features

The internet has made communications much easier, especially when it comes to the management of communication technology such as fax. The latest advancement in internet technology have made it much easier to manage faxes, primarily through online faxing that let you take your fax machine and manage it and its transmissions over the internet. Fax communication has been made much easier to manage due to advancements on services offered through the internet.Internet Fax

A hardcopy fax machine is not needed to be able to transmit fax messages if you are using an online or internet based fax service. You are provided with an internet based fax number that will allow you to send, receive, screen, delete, and print your faxes over the internet and based on your computer or wherever you have an internet connection. Most online fax service providers will give consumers their own business or personal fax number, that is either local or toll free, that make it seam like it is a fax number that is directed to their regular fax machine.

Online Faxing Benefits:

1. Online fax numbers make it much easier to manage costs in the long run. There is no cost involved with managing fax hardware or phone lines to connect to your fax. This makes it a lower cost overall. Is one of the best features of having an internet fax service taking care of your faxes. You will have the ability to save on equipment costs, as well as inventory costs. Most regular fax machine systems require you to keep a number of fax paper, ink, toner, replacement parts, and also pay for service plans. Online faxing makes it much easier to decide if you want to print or delete a fax, as well as decide what should remain in your inbox and what is a junk fax.

2. Internet fax services can give you much more mobility than a regular fax machine. Since all data is transferred through the internet, you can access your fax number using any device that is capable of internet connection. For example, many times it will happen that you are on the way to a business meeting but you forgot some important part of your presentation or an important document. You remember that a coworker had recently faxed you important documents to your fax number. There is usually a history of transmissions, and you can access your smartphone or an internet connection to find the documents that were transmitted. Click on the old message, and print it off locally through Bluetooth or other similar technology. Millions have users have found online faxing convenient for this reason.

3. The fax machine never experiences downtime. Even if you have a number of faxes being sent to you at the same time, the majority of online fax services will be able to make it so that your fax number is available constantly. This is due to the immense size of most online fax service providers data centers – there is such a large amount of infrastructure in place that the fax line is never busy. If you are trying to send a message, the system can repeatedly send a message until the line is no longer ringing as “busy.”

4. Internet fax services will let you choose whether or not to make your service package bigger or smaller. After you find the level of faxing that you do, you can opt to choose a service that offers more or less volume depending on your volume. Most people don’t know their fax volume at first. This makes it so that they can pick the right package once they start using the fax service.

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